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iMedio has various facilities and equipment for tenants to use.

  • Recording studio

    The recording studio is outfitted for a wide range of sound engineering from recording narrations to dubbing in music and voice.

  • Filming equipment

    Filming equipment for recording still pictures, videos and programs is available for rent.

  • PC training room

    The room has 13 PCs. It can be used for PC training, software demonstrations, etc.

  • Lecture room

    The lecture room hold up to 50 in a theater seating arrangement. It can be used for press conferences, company explanations for new hires, seminars, etc.

  • Presentation rooms

    The room is complete with a projector and whiteboard, and can be used for presentations, meetings, business talks, seminars, etc.

  • Coworking space

    The work space is offered free of charge to people who are mobile on the job and people who are looking to launch a company.

  • Library

    The library has a collection of books, magazines and newspapers on IT, media production and business that are published in Japan. It has a wireless LAN and power outlets, so tenants can bring their computers and work here.

  • Business café

    The business café is great for business talks and meetings.